Hassle free Migration from UFT to LeanFT using Cigniti’s QuickLean

Posted by in LeanFT, on September 30, 2015

HP has been at the forefront with respect to release of functional automation testing tools like QTP, UFT which have been popular automation tools till recently. The UFT has been an effective solution that supports a wide range of technologies from legacy applications to modern applications, Mobile and Web Services. But, at the same time like all other application development technologies that are vastly expanding, the concept of functional testing has been gradually shifting left. The need of the hour lies in the development of latest functional tools and technologies that help increase application efficiency, make testing easier, and application delivery faster and at the same time these need to integrate with Agile and DevOps methodologies of software development.

The UFT is best suited for use in the second half of the development lifecycle and is generally focused on system testing till User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase.  It gives a script based, easy to use option for test automation for integration with Business Process Testing. The users of UFT include the Business Analysts, Quality Assurance Teams, Subject Matter Experts, Test Automation Engineers and the Testers. The UFT has limited ability to integrate with continuous integration and has restrictive programming language support, e.g. no support for Java/C# which is the need for DevOps practitioners. Thus, with the ever changing business needs, new tools that should support and integrate with the existing eco-systems need to be evolved that are scalable enough for keeping up with the technical enhancements. In support of this need, HP has recently launched LeanFT – the latest functional testing tool at the recently concluded HP Discover June 2015 in Las Vegas.

HP LeanFT is a powerful, lightweight developer oriented testing tool, built specifically for continuous testing and continuous delivery and integrates fully with Agile and DevOps methodologies. However, for all organizations to catch up with HP LeanFT, they need to migrate their test assets to the new environment. Moreover, global enterprises using HP UFT see enormous benefits in migrating over to LeanFT, as it aligns with enterprises Agile and DevOps journey. This migration is all possible with Cigniti Technologies QuickLean. Cigniti has been at the forefront of test automation journey and has earlier released many test asset migration tools like WinQuick and RoboQuick and now its R&D team worked in close association with HP’s team and has successfully launched QuickLean – the World’s 1st Automated Solution for HP UFT to HP LeanFT migration. QuickLean is the perfect partner and makes it hassle free to migrate your test assets from UFT to LeanFT.

Hassle free Migration from UFT to LeanFT

  1. Full-Fledged Parser & Code Generator for Scripts Conversion

The powerful features of QuickLean allow automatic conversion of UFT’s VBScript based scripts to LeanFT (C# or Java) with its full-fledged parser and code generator. With Quicklean, 80% of the test scripts are automatically converted from UFT to LeanFT thus making the conversion hassle free.

  1. Ease of Migration of Object Repositories

The tool migrates all types of object repositories (Shared or PerAction) to LeanFT Application Model & also the entire test suites that reside in Quality Center/ALM to LeanFT. UFT object repository is a binary file that is not readable and using QuickLean they are converted to LeanFT Application Model due to which there is hassle free migration of object repositories from UFT to LeanFT.

Context Based Migration Engine & support for Diverse Automation Frameworks

A smart context based migration engine accelerates all aspects of migration from HP UFT to LeanFT thus making migration easy and simple. It also supports diverse automation frameworks such as keyword driven, data driven and also functional decomposition. It also supports multiple languages (C# & Java), heterogeneous data sources (Excel & SQL) and multiple application technologies such as web, windows and Java thus making the ease of migration of UFT scripts to LeanFT.

QuickLean migration solution is over 15 times faster and is almost 10 times more cost effective than manual migration. The solution supports migration from any version of QTP or UFT to LeanFT and Cigniti’s test automation experts consulting team performs a critical review of your existing architecture and provides guidance for further optimization and apt customization. Realize the true benefits of hassle free migration of your UFT scripts to LeanFT with Cigniti Technologies QuickLean.