Why QuickLean?

Quicklean makes the LeanFT adoption for Developers, Testers and Test Automation Engineers a cakewalk by automatically converting UFT test assets (Object Repository and VB Scripts) to LeanFT (Application model and C#/Java scripts).

Disadvantages with the Traditional Migration Approach

  • Poor coverage of test execution, Lack of time for testers to create/maintain tests
  • Heavy tools were not comfortable to perform quality testing as tests are fragile
  • Legacy language and IDE support issues, No proper collaboration between dev & testers
  • Difficult to build a good test covering the business flow end to end
  • Learning curves of earlier tools was too long

Architecture of QuickLean

  • QuickLean comprises of a full-fledged source file translator that converts UFT scripts (API and VBScript) to the target LeanFT scripts (API & C# or Java).

It contains:

  • Translation library that maps UFT programming interfaces to corresponding LeanFT objects and methods
  • Object repository converter that generates XML or Application model based object repository from the UFT object repository
  • Run-time linker between the scripts and object repository
  • Pre-packaged library that augments LeanFT standard API

 Real-Time Business Benefits with QuickLean tool for UFT 2LeanFT Migrations

  • You can keep your business as usual even during migration
  • Ready to use libraries packaged as a whole to be used with ease
  • Dev and testers share the same IDE
  • Minimal amount of testers time needed while migration
  • HP UFT and LeanFT can be mixed/matched & customized for quicker, easy migrations

 Overall Benefits with QuickLean

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Lowers cost due to high resource utilization with reduced rework cycles
  • Ensures high application quality due to continuous assessments
  • Accelerates application delivery
  • High predictability revolves around improved end-to-end visibility
  • Light weight component of QuickLean provides excellent user experience
  • Shorter Application Release cycles promised
  • Gives flexibility to test across multiple devices/OS

For more details about QuickLean, Visit www.quick-lean.com

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